Sex During Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

Sex During Pregnancy
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Every relationship needs to have sexual intimacy to bring about the bonding between two individuals. However, there are times when the intimacy has to be kept at bay.

One such time is when the woman is pregnant and is expecting a baby. Even though there are many benefits of sex during pregnancy, some people remain ignorant or turn a blind eye.

If a woman is pregnant, either many couples go down the route of complete abstinence from sex or they risk a lot to be intimate as much as possible.

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness, raging hormones, and a waistline that does not seem to stop expanding. Amidst all these features, some do not feel the need to be intimate when pregnant.

However, it is also possible to derive many relationships, pregnancy, and even health benefits. At the same time, lack of knowledge about when to stop sex during pregnancy can lead to many making mistakes that could end up costing lives.

Both have their positives and negatives. Here are the pros and cons of having sex when pregnant.


  • A woman will experience easy labor and recovery if they experience several orgasms even during pregnancy. This is due to contractions that happen on the pelvic floor when having an orgasm. This helps in improving strength in muscles that play a crucial role in labor and delivery. Once the baby has been pushed out, muscles will be getting a lot of time to recover and strengthened.
  • A woman could end up getting frequent visits to the bathroom during pregnancy. This is due to the baby pressing against the bladder as it continues to grow inside. Bathroom trips only increase as the baby’s size increases. However, this action also strengthens muscles that can come in handy for controlling urine flow.
  • Blood pressure is found to be on the lower side just after six. Even though this is only a temporary phase, it can help lower or control blood pressure from time to time. It is not recommended for a baby or mother to experience high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Any pregnancy period can end up providing much stress. This could be due to worrying about finances, work, or even life after delivering a baby. Sex releases a love hormone called oxytocin, which is usually produced when an orgasm happens. This hormone provides a sense of well-being and confidence that can end up removing stress.
  • Many women tend to go through postpartum depression, which can be eliminated, largely by having sex during pregnancy.
  • Some women experience a higher level of libido during this period. In such instances, it is better than their libido is channeled in the right way.


  • There is a higher chance of picking up infections. Both individuals should remember that they are responsible for the unborn child and its health. Something that may seem very casual can end up becoming a major headache if specific safety measures are not taken.
  • The consequences of being careless can be quite horrible. A pregnant woman has a very fragile immune system that can cause infections to catch quite easily. This will be very bad for fetal development. For example, the likes of hepatitis B can end up being a significant problem in the baby’s health. Once again, production should be used, and opting for multiple partners is not advisable.
  • Sperm can produce contractions in the uterus. An orgasm by the female can also produce contractions. There are instances when these contractions have ended up producing a miscarriage. Using condoms can also significantly limit transmitting too many infectious agents through a sperm.
  • Some may pick up a condition called placenta praevia. This cannot be an ideal situation for having intimacy during pregnancy, as it can lead to hemorrhaging. In the end, a normal delivery may not be possible, and a cesarean section might be required. A complete absence of sex is essential if such a condition exists.
  • Some individuals may find sex during pregnancy to be quite uncomfortable. They would primarily be dealing with several problems like morning sickness. Sex also becomes less enjoyable due to the feeling of being unattractive to the partner.
  • This activity has the potential to rob away some crucial rest for the expectant mother. A lot of rest should be offered to the mother-to-be in the final trimester due to high blood pressure or swelling. There needs abstinence from intercourse at least 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth. Once again, the uterus has not healed completely, and there is a potential of picking up an infection. It is once again not advisable just after having delivered a baby.

Changes in Ideology

There used to be a lot of prohibitions when it comes to sex during pregnancy. A common misconception was about this activity directly leading to a miscarriage.

There has been plenty of research is done in the world of obstetrics, psychology, gynecology, and sexology. They have proved otherwise, as it has proven to be harmless.

Still, some women remain closed to the idea of being intimate in the latter stages of pregnancy. However, women are more frequently expressing their true feelings.

It has also been found that most women tend to experience high libido during this period. Many individuals who have been intimate to rediscover their lost sex appeal may dive into depression at a later stage.

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Precautions to Be Exercised

It’s been proven medically safe that two people can be intimate even when the woman is pregnant. Anyway, caution needs to be exercised by both parties.

For example, any sex in the last few weeks of pregnancy is not advisable. Two individuals are also not recommended to have sex if the woman has gone through a previous pregnancy without success. In such a case, the threat of miscarriage is much higher.


The psychological impact of pregnancy is much more significant. A woman will assess any positive emotional attributes shown with a man. They will also be able to sense any emotional coldness from the man, quarrels, or other conflicts that can disrupt the atmosphere in a home.

If there is a lot of understanding between man and wife, intimacy happens quite gradually, and pregnancy does not worsen any intimacy between the two.

Overall, the higher level of love hormones that is secreted during the process helps alleviate that bad mood just after delivering the baby. Hence, effects are not only visible in the present, and there are long-term effects of sex during pregnancy.

It is no wonder that many misconceptions exist about sex during pregnancy, but it can turn out to be an activity that can bring many positives. At the same time, a little bit of caution should be exercised.

The importance of sex during pregnancy period has been founded to establish greater trust between the two individuals, while also bringing together a soothing and gentle atmosphere in the family.

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