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I love writing and this is one of the many reasons why. I was randomly reading things a few hours ago when I stumbled on writing on truths about the penis: why it looks the way it does.

It was quite an interesting read and must confess, and from it, I learnt so much about why the human penis looks as unique as it does and why there are no other species that have the same shape of a penis as humans.

So I put this writing together to share with you eight of the things that I learnt that you just have to know about the penis.

Every man’s pride is seeing how long his penis can be when erect and trust me a lot of ladies out there are all about the size even those some are about how well you can use what you’ve got.

So talking about size when the human penis is erect it becomes larger than that of any other primate because it measures on average from five to six inches in length and in circumference it also measures up to 5 inches.

As we already know, chimpanzees at the closest relatives to man and you might want to think that their penis might get almost as long as that of a person when charged. Well, it never does even when they are at their horniest.

The human penis is shaped in such a way that the cap looks like a mushroom, and you know what? Only humans can boast of such a distinctive cap.

I must confess one of the things women enjoy during sex is how the cup comes out and goes back in and it makes the experience all the more pleasurable but you see our close relatives who are other primates only have a shaft.

A man also has the corneal which is that round space between the head and the shaft and no other creature has that gap.

During sex, the human penis swells up inside the vagina so that it can occupy the tract, and if a man decides to give full penetration, the penis can even reach a woman’s cervix and lift up at the uterus.

A lot of guys with big penises know this, and that is one thing that makes them very proud which may make people with smaller dicks feel like they have been cheated by nature.

However, as I said there, are ladies who care so much about how you use the size of what you have and not necessarily what the size is.

This may sound somewhat funny and very unrealistic, but it seems that even though we humans and naturally monogamous compared to other species we have never really been the loyal type, and that’s why the human penis has adapted to the point where it can deal with competing for sperm from other competitors.

The list almost made no sense to me at first until I came across Gallup’s semen displacement theory which suggests that the human penis is designed to deposit sperm very deep into the human vagina so that it will be out shooting the sperm of any other sexual partners biologically to secure paternity.

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One interesting thing about ejaculation is that the penis can actually shoot as long as two feet. There is also the belief that the human penis is designed in such a way that it can eliminate the sperm of any other sexual partner during sex.

The trick here is that during the back and forth thrusting the penis sucked out or draws out any other leftover sperm from prior partners whenever it pulls up.

Gallup was not only concerned about the biological aspect of the penis, but he wanted to understand the behavioural aspect, so he took a poll of college students about the behaviour of their penises.

During his study, both male and female respondents reported that Maine thrust deeper and faster whenever they get accused of cheating.

He also found out that another time men tend to trust the pan faster is when they reunite with a partner or when they see a partner they haven’t seen in a very long time the belief is that they do this to ensure that the partner has not been impregnated by any other competitor in their absence.

Sometimes it is also believed that some men trust the band faster to see if they can get rid of whatever pregnancy their partner must have had in their absence as well, but we need more researchers to back up all of these claims.

Something else that caught my attention about the Gallup theory of sperm displacement is that he said it would be possible for any woman to get impregnated by a man whenever she had sex.

This sounds crazy, but let me give a clearer explanation. What Mr Gallop is trying to say, is that if Mr Adam meets miss Alice at the club, and they have sex, and he ejaculates inside of her, if she meets Mr Barn a few hours later and they have sex; during the thrusting Mr Barn could eliminate some of the sperm of Mr Adam.

But then some of my Adam’s sperm can still collect in some part of Mr Barn’s penis, and if Mr Barn has sex with another lady, part of Mr Adam’s sperm could get into the new lady.

And then she becomes pregnant for Mr Adam even though they never really had sex. All of that is even confusing to me right now but maybe when you read it all over it would make some sense to you.

Something else he said is that it is possible for the sperm of two men to mix if they had sex with the same lady at different times and then the boat form a baby inside of her meaning it could result to one baby with two fathers or even a pair of twins with separate fathers.

While all of this is very interesting, it will take some time for you to process and make sense of it so while you’re trying to do that you can grab a cucumber and carve it into the shape of a penis to help you understand better.

I do not totally agree with all the findings of Mr Gallup but I am open to hearing your opinion, please leave a comment below.

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